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What does it mean to sell off market?

4 Tier Properties, LLC understands that every situation is different. In simple terms, selling off market means there is no seller's agent, buyer's agent or lender and the home is not listed on the MLS. Instead, the home is typically sold to a real estate investor. We will walk you through both selling options so you can decide which path works best for you.

Why should I choose to sell my house off market?

  • Property is too distressed/in disrepair
  • Inherited a home you don't plan to live in
  • Foreclosure or other indebtedness
  • Lender won't finance a loan (FHA won't approve)
  • Timeline (need flexibility or to move quickly).
  • Divorce
  • Property is a rental and tenant occupied

What are the Benefits of Selling Off Market?

Even if your situation differes from these, you still might prefer and benefit from choosing this selling option. Here are some of the biggest advantages.

No prep work. With a traditional sale, there can be a lot of prep work to do before yo ulist, including deep cleaning, painting, replacing carpet, decluttering, repairs, staging, etc., which could cost thousands of dollars.

Quick escrow. Unlike the traditional sale, which could require a 45-day escrow period to accomodate appraisals and mortgage approvals, a traditional investor can close in a matter of a few weeks.


Simplified transaction. Because the home is being sold as-is, you won't have to worry about making repairs or updates before closing.

All cash offers. Investors pay cash so there is no need for an appraisal, which could delay or stall the sale.

Flexible timeline. When selling to a traditional buyer you have to agree upon a closing date that works for both parties. That means you have to be out of the house on the closing exceptions. Investors are typically more flexible with the close date. You may also be able to leave stuff behind that you don't want, which isn't an option in a traditional sale.

No agents means no fees. Since the property is being sold off market directly to an investor, there are no agent commission fees.

Will selling off market work for my situation?

Another benefit of selling off market is that it provides the seller with a few different options to choose from. Our experts will evaluate your situation and advise you how each of the off-market options could benefit you. Traditional sale or off-maket, you are our client and we want what is best for you.

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